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      Shandong Teyibao Internet Technology Co., Ltd.

      Shandong Teyibao Internet Technology Co., Ltd. (Equity Code: 301806) was established in 2015 with registered capital of 20.35 million yuan. It is a company under the education technology industry sector of Shandong Jinze Industrial Group. The company focuses on the development of mobile interconnection technology software system providers, enterprise mobile e-commerce transformation and upgrading program providers. With the help of self-built Treasure Platform and well-known e-commerce platforms (Jingdong, Taobao, etc.), relying on self-developed mobile interconnection application technology, providing mobile Internet technology support, mobile marketing planning and human resources for enterprise mobile e-commerce transformation and upgrading, and other one-stop e-commerce integrated solutions. In 2016, Jinan Finance Investment Co., Ltd. invested 3.35 million yuan in Teebao, becoming one of the shareholders of Teebao. After two years of development, the company has passed the certification of ISO 9001 management quality system, high-tech enterprises and dual-soft enterprises. It has been listed in Qilu Stock Exchange Center and won the honorary titles of "Excellent e-commerce service agency" and "Most popular e-commerce service agency" issued by the government.

      By 2017, the company has acquired 15 software copyrights, including university e-commerce training system, Teebao APP system, Teebao distribution system, Teebao advertising machine system, Teebao cross-border e-commerce system, Teebao city O2 O business circle system, and 3 software product testing and identification. It covers more than 20 industries such as education and training, catering, ticketing and entertainment. 241 small standardized modules have been developed independently and upgraded continuously, covering 95% of the current mainstream functions in the industry. The newly developed Teyibao New Retail System is a new retail system which integrates traditional Internet, mobile Internet and social platform. Teyibao New Retail System takes channel reconstruction as the key, brand operation as the foundation, customer experience as the standard service, realizes the transformation from "goods-field-people" to "people-goods-field" and releases brand intrinsic value.

      The company carries out multi-field and multi-level cooperation with universities, County governments, e-commerce industrial parks and enterprises. It has successfully cooperated with nearly 20 colleges and universities of Shandong Agricultural Engineering College in various forms to help colleges and universities and college students improve their professional construction level and students'practical ability.

       Uniform Enrollment Scheme - School-Enterprise Cooperation Unit of Electronic Commerce Speciality of Shandong Agricultural Engineering College;

       The first batch of modern apprenticeship reform pilot projects of E-commerce Specialty in Shandong Province - Jinan Engineering Vocational and Technical College Co-operative Enterprise;

       The first "Shenquan Cup" Mobile Business Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition was successfully held in cooperation with Shandong Vocational and Technical College of Labor.

       Shandong Women's College, Shandong Electronic Vocational and Technical College, Shandong Modern College and other colleges and universities have signed off-campus training bases.

      Teyibao firmly grasps the fashion of mobile internet, keeps abreast of the trend of the times, becomes an enterprise-level service provider, constantly creates advanced mobile customer marketing management system for enterprises, and creates a five-dimensional integrated mobile e-commerce solution of "social + Tools + e-commerce + strategy + training". As a comprehensive service provider integrating e-commerce operation, software technology development and other services in Shandong Province, Teyibao is committed to promoting the development of mobile Internet and county e-commerce economy in Shandong Province.