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      Shandong Jinze Industrial Group

      Since its establishment in 2004, it has developed into a diversified industrial group company which integrates graduate education, high-end training, vocational education, K12 education, international education, educational science and technology, Internet and industrial investment. It owns one equity listed company, four wholly-owned provincial and municipal schools and 23 subsidiaries. The capital is over 1 billion yuan.
      By 2019, after 15 years of solid development, Shandong Jinze Industrial Group has achieved excellent results in the corresponding industrial fields. Under the leadership of Chairman Duan Yong, the Group adheres to the enterprise concept of "Brilliant Prospect, Ze Hui Yi Fang, Deep Spring and Return to each other". It upholds the enterprise tenet of "learning, wisdom, self-cultivation, moral integrity, work together to build a harmonious team and create social value", and always adheres to the enterprise tenet of "loyalty, unity, innovation, forging ahead, thanksgiving, learning and earnest masters". The enterprise value concept of "Moving" has formed a development pattern which combines educational industry, educational science and technology and industrial investment in the fierce market tide at home and abroad with arduous entrepreneurship, solidarity and progress, and scientific development. Combining education with science and technology and industrial investment, we will build an open, diversified and win-win resource platform.
      In the future, Shandong Jinze Industrial Group will devote itself to "forging lifelong education industry chain, building China's education ecosphere and realizing China's dream of Jinze Education" while ploughing deeply into education industry, education science and technology and industry investment, so as to create more for the development goal of enterprises, forge ahead, share win-win situation, and create more for Shandong's education in the new era. The bright road, in the great journey to achieve the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, unremitting efforts, all the way singing, and then show brilliance!


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